It’s week 3 of the SMART at DCU campaign and this week we are focusing on Privacy settings.

While we all know that there really isn’t much privacy on social media websites there are ways for you to have some control over what personal information the public can view. Here are our top 10 privacy setting tips:

  1. Many people add their personal e-mail address and telephone number to social media sites and this information is then available to anyone. Check your privacy settings to make sure your contact details are only available to people you trust.
  2. If you only want your status updates to be viewed by your friends on Facebook make sure that you select ‘Friends’ in the drop down menu in the Update Status box.
  3. Think about ‘checking in’ to places on social media websites or adding locations. This information tells people exactly where you are. Do you really want everyone to know this?
  4. If you are posting family photographs especially of young children or babies consider setting up specific groups on different social media websites (Facebook or Google +) and only posting the photos to these groups.  On Facebook you can even Custom which people in particular can see different photos and or albums.
  5. Tired of embarrassing photos or stories being posted on your Facebook wall? Set up the Timeline review and all content posted to your wall will have to be reviewed by you first. To find this, click into the privacy settings (beside the Home button at the top of the page) then more settings and the then timeline and tagging.
  6. Fed up of endless Friend Requests on Facebook from people you don’t know?  Check your ‘Who can look me up?’ under the Privacy settings.
  7. Always review your privacy settings on all of the social media websites on a regular basis to make sure you are kept update on any changes.
  8. Check your ‘Discoverability’ settings in Twitter. This is under the Security and Privacy settings in Twitter and if checked, it can allow people to find you by searching for your e-mail address.
  9. If you are using a public or shared computer don’t forget to log out of your Social Media accounts once you are finished. Also NEVER click the ‘save password’ if you are using a computer that can be accessed by others.
  10. Change your passwords for social media sites on a regular basis!

Do you have any good privacy setting tips? Feel free to post a comment below and let us know.